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Full Container Load

We can provide a Full Container Load with or without pallets

Assorted Container Load

We can load various items in a container as your request

Less than Container Load

We can do a Less Container Load from 1 Cubic Meter


Living very far away from  hometown is a great challenge that we do admire you who dare to leave Vietnam and dare to change and challenge your life in a new environment.

            Experienced staying in a foreign country, we deeply understand that most of us really miss Vietnam in general and our cuisine, customs in particular. That kept inspring us for a long time; then we decided to come back our hometown, opened a company which is a grocery whosesaler and exporter with the hope of bringing Vietnam foods, commodities to each Vietnamese living around the world. We also try our best to introduce Vietnam culture to foreign friends through our freshest and best goods.

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Ms.Rose Do:

+84 977 610 525